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Who We Are

Silverado Ceramics is one of the finest Indian conglomerates as a and a global trendsetter in the realm of Manufacturer & Exporter of ceramic and tiles products. What makes Silverado a relevant and trusted company today is its dynamic capability to evolve with changing decor aesthetics over the years. It understands its clients, and in return, its patrons trust Silverado to offer the best tiles for homes and offices products in India.

We have a wide range of tiles, such as Silverado Marble, Silverado Tiles, Silverado Quartz stone, Silverado Slab. Keeping client satisfaction on priority and fulfilling their needs and requirements, our team of dedicated employees in production, R&D, marketing, and distributing channels work hard and innovatively while updating the tile catalogue on a monthly basis.

Increasing the market competitors and different coming customers demand we consider on always update our products and quality with the new innovation and modern technology using our effort and R&D.

The client’s rapidly growing inclination for style and aesthetics is the inspiration behind every design of Silverado and its pace to keep up with the client and market demands has made Silverado a synonym for quality, service, and innovation - not only in the domestic market but in the international market too.


Mission and Vision

Our mission is to be the leading supplier of tiles in India and oversees, we keep the client’s satisfaction is our utmost priority and we provide them innovative products and best solutions as per their requirements.

Our vision is to manufacture the world's best tiles and supply them globally. Thousands of customers place their trust and support in us, by serving with the customized and highly curated service and products.

We aspire to become one of the greatest brands in the world in the realm of tiles by rising together and making eco-friendly products to support a healthy environment.



We, as a company and individual, value honesty, personal excellence, self-development, and mutual respect. We are committed towards our clients to fulfill their requirements and provide the best fitted product for their home or working space.

With an unparalleled commitment towards quality, service, and brand maintenance, we have strived to adopt technologies and standards with the transmuting times. Be it technology, research, design, development, marketing, or quality, Silverado is a progressive manufacturer, supplier and exporter of tiles and has set its sight on all the factors adopting the new production techniques in order to enrich the quality of the products.

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